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Easy Seven Day Return Policy
Easy Seven Day Return Policy

Baby Pink Kashmiri Embroidery Soft Extra Large Nighty .Soft Breathable Fabric | Laces and Frills

This size is ideal for a lady who wears Kurti sizes of Triple Extra Large (XXXL).

This is a A line Nighty . Your Size can also be checked by using our size guide - Click here

Fabric - Certified 100%, Bizzy Lizzy. Bizzy Lizzy is also commercially known as “PV fabric (poly-viscous), “Lizzy Bizzy”, "Soft Cotton" and “Nighty Fabric”. It is one of the known fabrics used for nighties because of its blend. This breathable fabric is appreciated for its softness and strength. This fabric does not shrink and suits all skin types.

Take Good Care -Hand washing is easiest on the environment and will ensure the longest possible life for your garments. If that’s not an option, always wash on a gentle cycle, lay them flat to dry, and store them folded. This  also means your favorite pieces will continue to last a good long while. Please note the 1st Wash should be Hand Washed.

About the garment - This garment has a pocket for keeping your phone or some money. It's an ideal all-day wear garment that keeps you relaxed, sweat-free, and comfortable.

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    Easy 7 Day Return Policy

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